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A new Service for the Market Data World

Market Data is a major cost driver in financial markets. Ever increasing regulatory and client reporting requirements adding to the demands and putting pressure on data budgets.

Exfidant’s new software based service addresses these issues and enables institutions to significantly reduce market data cost for pricing, reference, corporate actions and ratings data.

The Market Data Hub service provides clients with an analysis tool presenting a clear picture of where market data is being used making data flows transparent. In a second step Market Data Hub allows clients to simulate the cost effects of switching and/or mixing data sources or vendors.

Once the most cost effective sources have been identified Market Data Hub facilitates the move to new or alternative sources to optimise the cost-benefit ratio without the need to involve IT resources. MDH performs all required data transformations and returns response files in the expected data format. The service also keeps all connectors to data vendors up to date to ensure a seamless and trouble free operation for clients.

Last but not least all requested data can be distributed across the client’s business in multiple formats to service all data consuming applications as well as ad hoc requests.

Market Data Hub provides complete data governance, transparency and data lineage. A management dashboard visualises data delivery and allows for data tracking and drilldown. The included monitoring tool allows data managers to identify unusual data requests and to set up policies for those requests.

The Exfidant client service team is on hand for exception handling and any other issue that may have an impact on data quality and delivery.


  • Analyse the overall consumption of data within the organisation, attribute cost by department / business unit / cost centre.
  • Compare on-going usage to budget and forecast in “real time” vendors upcoming invoices.


  • What if Analysis to assess the financial impact of new business requirements using the existing mix of Vendor and related Services and to estimate the potential delta and new cost distribution or to evaluate the impact of a change in the current Vendor mix triggered by a competing offer of one or more Vendors.


  • Manage data acquisition ensuring best usage of all data available/requested/received minimising the overall cost without loss of data quality and timeliness while avoiding unexpected spikes in data usage.


  • Data exchange with applications/end users with full permissioning to avoid contractual breaches. Generate multiple output (response) files in multiple formats to communicate with applications in their “native” format. Set distribution frequency and intervals.


  • Dedicated client defined rule-based service to process and quality control market data combined with a transparent and secure exception handling process.
  • Adding quality markers to the standard validity checks allows clients to apply their own business view to the data used for portfolio/instrument valuation.

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